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Malaysia is a popular country for foreign visitors. In 2015 Malaysia is ranked 4th in Asia in number of tourist arrivals. It is also fast becoming a favorite place in Asia for foreigners to buy property because of its openness to foreign buyers and strong property laws that protect homebuyers and investors.

Foreign citizens can buy offices, shops, retail spaces and factories in Malaysia in much the same way as they can buy residential property as long as the property is valued at more than 500,000 ringgit. According to the federal government’s EPU (Economic Planning Unit) Guidelines which are in force since 30 June 2009 no EPU approval is needed for the purchase.

You can migrate to Malaysia by setting up a business here. Foreigners who wish to migrate to Malaysia can apply for residency under what is commonly called a “Directors Visa” which is a type of Expatriate Employment Pass issued under the name of a Business that they set up and own in Malaysia. This is the closest thing Malaysia has to a Business Migration Programme.

Malaysia, a country with a long history of accepting outsiders, is today home to more immigrants from more countries than any country in Asia except Singapore.

Excluding foreign workers engaged in low skill and manual jobs, an overseas citizen wishing to live and work in Malaysia can choose one of the following categories to apply:

A guru once said that life is hard but not complicated. Doing business in Malaysia is just the opposite according to the survey released this year by the World Bank Group.

In 2016 out of 183 countries surveyed, Malaysia is ranked 18th easiest in the world for doing business. Australia is  at 13th place, Singapore is in first place, and New Zealand is third.

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